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True Refrigeration Equipment Models

Below is a detailed list of current True Refrigeration equipment models.  All of the below links will take you to the True website with details specifications of each unit.  If you are in need of repair, want to purchase a new unit, or need replacement parts please contact us at 800-252-5892 and one of our experience customer service representatives will help.  We can help with repair and new units throughout Illinois and provide replacement part distribution nationwide.

Traditional Reach-Ins
Milk Coolers
Specification Series
Glass Door Merchandisers
Food Prep Tables
Air Curtains
Undercounter Units
Horizontal Freezers and Dipping Cabinets
Refrigeration Display Cases

True Reach In Commercial Refrigerators
True reach in commercial refrigerators are some of the most popular commercial refrigeration products sold. There are two types of reach-in commercial refrigerator to choose from, the T and TS Series. Each offers from one to three sections.

T Series reach in commercial refrigerators also have a 300 series stainless steel front with anodized quality aluminum finished sides, backs, and tops. These units feature an NSF-approved white aluminum side wall and back with 300 series stainless steel floors. Heated varieties of these T series cabinets are also available, which come with a 300 series stainless steel interior. Three heavy duty, PVC coated wire shelves are included in each section. This category includes the most popular commercial refrigerator True makes, the two-section T-49.

TS Series reach in commercial refrigerators are constructed with a 300 series stainless steel front and sides, with a matching aluminum back. The interior of each unit features 300 series stainless steel walls, door liners, and floors. There are three heavy duty, PVC coated wire shelves per section.

All the commercial refrigerators in this category are available with solid metal doors, solid glass doors, or split doors that can be all metal, all glass, or a mix of the two. There is also an option for metal or glass sliding doors, that are a must in small kitchens because they don't require room for the door to swing out.

True Refrigeration Traditional Reach-Ins

True Specification Series
True also makes several heavy-duty versions of the commercial refrigeration types already covered that are part of the True specification series. These are great for high-volume institutions where equipment may take a beating, including schools, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, and similar venues. While a quality restaurant-duty commercial refrigerator may last 20-25 years, the True Refrigeration spec series will likely provide 40 or more years of faithful service thanks to its solid, stainless steel build. They'll cost you a bit more, but may well pay for themselves by saving you from having to buy two commercial refrigerators in that same time. Since they're built to order, they also have a longer lead time, which may be as long as four weeks.

True STA Series units feature a 300 series stainless steel door, front, and sides. On the interior of these commercial refrigeration units, you'll find aluminum on the side walls and back, and durable stainless steel on the floor and ceiling. The shelving is of heavy-duty, chrome-plated wire, with three per section.

True STG Series units have an exterior construction of 300-series stainless steel doors and fronts, with anodized quality aluminum finished sides, bottoms, and backs. Inside these commercial refrigerators, the walls and back are made of food-safe aluminum, while the floor and ceiling are of stainless steel Heated cabinet models have an anodized aluminum interior. These units have three heavy duty, PVC-coated wire shelves in each section.

True STR Series units have a 300-series stainless steel front, door, and sides. The interiors of these units are constructed from 300 series stainless steel throughout, including the side walls, backs, floors, and door liners. These units have one interior reach-in shelving kit option included per full section at no charge with four different interior kits available.

True Refrigeration Specification Series

True Food Prep Tables
The True food prep tables section is also divided into several smaller categories. Each of them includes commercial refrigeration units that are distinctly different from any others in this section or any other, though these all share some similarities. For instance, they all offer prep areas with an NSF-approved cutting board that allows room to work and a safe surface for knife work.

True is unique among commercial refrigeration manufacturers in that it is the only one to offer food prep tables that are NSF approved for overnight food storage. These systems are so efficient that, with the included lid pulled down, they can maintain proper temperatures for food storage. That means you save the trouble of moving your ingredients back and forth every day, and you don't have to find room in your reach-in refrigerator to store those items.

True sandwich / salad prep tables are growing into some of the most popular commercial refrigerators True Refrigeration offers. These stainless steel units a refrigerated area on top that has the ability to hold products in pans at 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a workspace in front of the refrigerated area to allow room for the assembly of foods like salads and sandwiches. Using one of these commercial refrigeration units means your ingredients are easily accessible throughout the day and are held at safe temperatures. True sandwich / salad prep tables are available in lengths ranging from 27 inches to 72 inches, offer options with and without drawers below the prep area, and even include a dual-sided unit that allows . There are also True sandwich / salad prep tables with low profiles, which makes them ADA compliant.

Standard True Refrigeration sandwich / salad prep tables can accommodate two rows of pans, with an 11.75-inch cutting board or work area in front. True mega top sandwich / salad units can fit three rows of pans and offers a cutting board area just less than 9 inches.

True pizza prep tables offer room for one row of pans in elevated bins that help keep toppings easy to access and separated. They offer an extra-wide 19.5-inch prep area and has the refrigeration unit on the sides to allow for tray storage below the workspace. These commercial refrigeration units are available in lengths ranging from 44 inches to 119 inches, allowing ample space for even the largest topping selections.

True Undercounter Refrigerators
True undercounter refritgerators offer opportunities for cold storage that is both economical with your space and convenient for those working in your commercial kitchen. As the name implies, these commercial refrigerators fit conveniently under standard counters.

True Refrigeration undercounter units offer the same cooling powers as True commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers, with oversized refrigeration systems and an automatic defrost cycle on freezer models. They are available with cabinets, drawers, and glass doors, with lengths ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches. All of these units are 36 inches high with the included casters or optional legs installed.

There are also ADA-compliant and low-profile undercounter refrigerators, with height measurements of 34 and 32 inches, respectively.

True also offers deep undercounter commercial refrigerators, which have the cooling unit in the side, rather than the back. That means they offer a deeper cabinet that allows for more storage, with room for an 18x26-inch sheet pan. They're typically priced 18-20 percent more than True's standard undercounter commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers, but for busy kitchens the extra space is well worth the additional upfront cost.

True Refrigerated Base Worktops
The True worktop refrigerators category includes units that bring both refrigerated storage and their own countertops. These stainless steel units offer a roughly 30-inch worktop, complete with a one-piece backsplash. Having that wall guard built as one unit with the worktop means there's nowhere for germs to hide, unlike on worktop units from some other commercial refrigeration companies that have a gap between the two that can be difficult to clean.

A worktop commercial refrigeration unit is a perfect fit for a kitchen with limited space, since it combines two thing essential for a foodservice operation: Counter space and refrigerated storage. These units offer similar convenience to True undercounter refrigeration, but take that one step further since it's not necessary to have an actual countertop to use one. Since these units come with casters, you have the option of relocating them if you find they're in the wrong place without having to build a new counter to cover it.

Like their kin above, worktop models from True Refrigeration are available in extra depth models, ADA / low profile models, and heavy-duty extra depth models, which offer thicker steel on the front and top to provide a stronger commercial refrigerator.

True Milk Coolers
True milk coolers are ideal for schools, hospitals, or any type of cafeteria use. They can go outside the serving line, too. For instance, a bar in a Wisconsin college town found it was having trouble keeping its beers stocked for servers fast enough on big game days. With help from True Refrigeration, they realized they could use a dual-sided milk cooler as a pass thru unit from the kitchen to the serving area, allowing for easy restocking and access from bar staff.

These commercial refrigerators can hold milk, juice, or other beverages in a cool environment, and can be opened in a way to allow for self-service. Unlike other commercial refrigeration manufacturers, True builds its milk coolers with forced air cooling, rather than side wall cooling. That means they cool your drinks more efficiently and thoroughly. The moving air inside the unit also helps to create something of an air curtain, keeping warm air out of the unit and cold air inside, which is crucial in a commercial refrigerator that is open during service.

True milk coolers can hold from 8 to 16 crates. They come with stainless steel and white vinyl exteriors, with an option for either single- or dual-sided access.

True Glass Door Merchandisers
True Refrigeration goes the extra mile when it comes to commercial refrigerators built for helping you sell your goods. Not only do these units offer an attractive way to display what you have to offer, they're also remarkably energy efficient. From foamed-in-place insulation to an oversized refrigeration unit to Low-E glass that insulates the cabinet from ambient heat, True has taken every measure to protect your products and your bottom line.

The True glass door merchandisers section itself contains several categories. Those include glass door merchandisers to meet nearly any business' needs. The glass door design of these commercial refrigerators eliminates excess energy loss by allowing customers to view the contents of the refrigerator or freezer without actually opening it.

Glass door radius front refrigerators, glass door slide door refrigerators, and glass door swing door refrigerators all offer maximum visibility with various door opening options. You're likely familiar with these True Refrigeration offerings from having seen them in your local convenience store. True offers the ability to customize even small orders of these units with unique graphics and logos.

True convenience store coolers and True ice merchandisers are also commonly seen in convenience stores and grocery stores. Convenience store coolers, known by some as space conscious coolers, are capable of holding numerous types of products, but offer a lower height that allows them to fit into tight spaces. These commercial refrigerators also offer increased visibility throughout the store area. True ice merchandisers are designed specifically to hold bagged ice at appropriate temperatures and display it in an attractive manner.

True countertop glass door merchandisers are a great way to increase impulse buys in your business. This compact type of commercial refrigeration can be placed on any countertop, creating an instant eye-catching display of prepackaged food and refrigerated items.

True glass door freezer merchandisers are a perfect way to store all of your frozen products while keeping them on display for customers. They are NSF approved for storing any type of food item.

True floral cases are an ideal way to store and display all of your beautiful floral arrangements. These units are seen frequently in grocery stores and florists' shops. They are equipped with special lights in the case that not only highlight your products, but also help promote healthy growth among the plants inside.

True glass end four sided merchandisers are designed to offer complete view and easy access to refrigerated food items. Thanks to the fact this type of commercial refrigerator has four glass walls, it can be placed virtually anywhere, including at the end of a counter or row of shelves. These commercial refrigerators hold items that you want to draw attention to and increase sales of. Since they allow a view from all sides, they offer the opportunity to increase impulse sales and are especially useful for storing desserts.

True wine merchandisers are the best way to hold all of your wine products at proper temperatures until they are ready to be served. Wine merchandisers hold multiple bottles of wine at an angle and temperature to create perfect storage conditions. True Refrigeration, with its in-house silkscreen operation, offers special color and graphics themes for both red and white wine coolers.

True Air Curtain Merchandisers
True air curtain merchandisers are designed without doors to allow for a large, open front for easy access to the products displayed. These units also attract attention because of their unique design. True Refrigeration air curtain merchandisers are available in vertical and horizontal models that offer the perfect fit for any grocery or convenience store.

Air curtain commercial refrigerators maintain the temperature of cold products with the help of an invisible curtain of air which flows constantly over the products to ensure proper temperature retention. It is forced over the top of the food in the display, keeping cold air in and warm air out. True's self-contained air curtain merchandisers have shielded lighting that provides the perfect illumination for your products. They also offer True's exclusive reversing condenser fan motor, which turns the fan backwards during defrost cycles to keep the condenser coils free of dirt, dust, and other debris. That helps the unit run more efficiently and maintain lower temperatures.

True Refrigeration vertical air curtain merchandisers come with either a black or white vinyl exterior. The interior is constructed of NSF-approved white aluminum with a stainless steel bottom, though a black interior is available. All stand about 80 inches high, except for the TAC-14GS (pictured), which measures just a bit more than 56 inches tall. They all offer a customizable, illuminated sign panel.

True's horizontal air curtain merchandisers offer the same easy access and attractive display in low-profile form. The interiors, all of NSF-approved white aluminum with a stainless steel floor, offer three tiered levels so nothing gets lost in the mix. The exteriors can be of white or black vinyl, or stainless steel. This category also includes the True Refrigeration THAC-36DG, which has a horizontal air curtain merchandiser for a base and a dry goods display area above.

True Horizontal Freezers
True Refrigeration horizontal freezers are uniquely designed to give you the perfect way to promote frozen products and novelties in retail areas. With Low E sliding glass doors on the top of each unit, they provide the opportunity to tempt customers into that impulse buy of frozen treats that yield high profits.

With an NSF-approved white aluminum interior that has a stainless steel bottom, these commercial refrigeration units provide the perfect cold storage for packaged or bottled products. They maintain -10 degrees, even in high-traffic areas. They have a manual defrost system with a convenient defrost drain that makes maintenance a breeze.

True Display Cases
True deli cases are the perfect way to store and display all of your deli products, from meats to salads to cheeses. With Low-E glass, foamed-in-place Ecomate insulation, and low UV lighting, these units offer beautiful presentation that will protect both your product and your bottom line.

The category starts with True single duty deli cases, which offer cold storage in the display area. These are constructed with NSF-approved white aluminum on the interior sides and top, with a stainless steel bottom that is easy to clean. The exterior is white laminated vinyl that won't peel or chip, with a stainless steel top perfect for support equipment like registers and scales. Inside, True Refrigeration offers exclusive front and rear lighting to highlight your products on the included wire shelves. You can buy rear access models that are great for products that need to be in a controlled environment and pass-thru units that allow for self-service applications. Single duty deli cases are also available in low-height models that offer increased visibility and allow for easy transactions.

True Refrigeration double duty deli cases offer the same benefits as their single duty kin, but with the advantage of having cold storage below the display area. That gives you extra room for keeping products fresh without having to find room in a reach-in or another commercial refrigerator. They also offer stainless steel construction and a single stainless shelf. As an added plus for these double duty units, true equips them with a 115V receptacle on the exterior that's perfect for slicers or scales that help you run your deli.

True also offers curved deli cases, offering a presentation enhanced both by increased visibility and special lighting. They offer the same cool storage abilities as the rest of the category, but with some extra tempered glass real estate that can really help you sell your products. They also come with a 4-amp exterior scale receptacle that makes service a breeze. They're available in peel and chip resistant white laminated vinyl with a stainless steel top and trim.

True Refrigeration makes horizontal or chest freezers with flat or angled lids. They range in length from just shy of 30 inches to a little less than 52 inches. They're all covered in durable white or black laminated vinyl, which is tested to ensure it won't peel or chip. They also have locks standard, to prevent theft and other product loss.

To add flair to your presentation, True Refrigeration offers display cases with curved glass. These commercial refrigerators, which are great for bakeries, maintain an interior temperature of 38 to 40 degrees, the ideal range for baked goods that need to be held cold.

The TCGR family of curved glass display cases offers tempered, double paned glass that is insulated to keep your utility bills down. Each commercial refrigerator in this class has adjustable heavy-duty wire shelves, with exclusive shelf-positioned interior lighting. Safety-shielded lamps offer the opportunity for lighting tubes to be replaced without the product having to be removed. The interior is of white aluminum, with a high-impact plastic floor, while the exterior features a durable stainless steel top perfect for support equipment like scales, which can be plugged into the provided 5-amp exterior receptacle (not available on TCGR-31, -36, or -77). The exterior comes standard with white laminated vinyl, though there are five additional color options available with no extra charge. True can also provide custom laminate coverings for these units and will even send templates if you want to create your own.

Next in the curved glass display case category are the TCGDZ models, which offer both dry and refrigerated storage in dual zones in one unit. The left side of each unit offers a commercial refrigerator that's perfect for items like cakes that need to be kept chilled, while the right offers unrefrigerated dry display space. These are the perfect piece for bakeries with lots of offerings and foodservice operations that are limited on space. They're also available in a total of six vinyl laminate exteriors, with the additional option of stainless at an upcharge. They can also be customized or sent with templates so you can create your own wrap.

For displays of pastries and other foods that don't require commercial refrigeration, True offers dry-only curved glass display cases with its TGCD models. They come with heavy-duty wire shelves, though glass is available, and special lighting that provides a balanced color spectrum to enhance the presentation of your foods. Single pane curved glass in the front tilts forward for easy cleaning.

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