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Below is a detailed list of current Blodgett oven models.  All of the below links will take you to the Blodgett website with details specifications of each unit.  If you are in need of repair, want to purchase a new unit, or need replacement parts please contact us at 800-252-5892 and one of our experience customer service representatives will help.  We can help with repair and new units throughout Illinois and provide replacement part distribution nationwide.

Full Size Ovens
Bakery Depth
Half Size Ovens
Combi Ovens
Rotating Rack Ovens
Deck Ovens

Blodgett offers a complete line of full size convection ovens. All Blodgett full size ovens feature the quality construction and dependability you can rely on.

    • Fully welded angle iron frame
    • Double sided porcelain baking compartment liner
    • Stainless steel front, top, and sides
    • Dual pane thermal glass window(s)
    • Heavy duty triple-mounted dependent doors
    • 5 chrome-plated racks / 11 rack positions
    • Capacity - up to 5 full size baking pans in left to right position
    • Stackable for optimum production

Our bakery depth convection ovens offer the signature features you expect from Blodgett in a deeper footprint. With bakery depth ovens, pans can be loaded in left to right or front to back positions, allowing for increased production.

    • Fully welded angle iron frame
    • Double sided porcelain baking compartment liner
    • Rigid framed insulation
    • Stainless steel front, top, and sides
    • Dual pane thermal glass windows
    • Heavy duty triple-mounted dependent doors
    • Modular slide out control panels for easy servicing
    • Stackable for optimum production

Blodgett Half size convection ovens are  perfect for any location where high performance is required and space is at a premium. Blodgett gas and electric half size ovens give you the same great performance as our full size ovens in half the floor space.

    • Stainless steel front, top, sides and back
    • Dual pane thermal glass window
    • Chrome plated door handles
    • Double-sided porcelain liner
    • Angle iron frame
    • Stackable for optimum production
    • 5 chrome plated racks and 9 rack positions
    • Capacity - up to 5 half size baking pans in front to back position


  • The BCP Series features a programmable control with the ability to store up to 200 recipe programs with 10 cooking stages per program, 9 speed reversing fan, USB connection, CombiWash self cleaning feature and our Auto Deliming. The BCP is available in half size, full size or roll-in models.

  • The BCM Series is a user friendly manual control with many extras, including a 9 speed reversing fan, core probe cooking, CombiWash self cleaning feature and our Auto Deliming. The BCP is available in half size, full size or roll-in models.

  • The BCX Series full size ovens feature steam on demand, a dual stage door latch and Auto Deliming. These ovens are available in either manual or our versatile MenuSelect programmable control.

  • The BC Series Rollin Combi ovens are ideal for large production operations and banquets.


The Blodgett XR8 Mini-Rack Oven does the work of a full-size model at half the size of a large roll-in rack oven. So versatile you can bake, roast or rethermalize.

    • A continuously rotating 8 pan rack and unique airflow system that moves large amounts of air at low velocity to ensure a consistently even bake every time.
    • Internal steam system capable of producing large volumes of steam for bagels or similar products - perfect for thick, shiny crusts and artesian style breads.
    • Blower delay feature allows the convection fan to be turned off for up to 1 hour - ideal for baking delicate products.
    • Unique rack slide system enables the operator to quickly adjust slide spacing from 1 to 4 inches in any configuration. Slides and rack can be easily removed without tools for dishwasher cleaning.

The Blodgett Deck Oven line has set industry wide standards for excellence in baking characteristics, performance and reliability. What's more, Blodgett has a deck oven to meet all of your baking and roasting needs from our large volume pizza ovens to our countertop model.  Simplicity of design and quality construction throughout assure years of trouble-free operation. Blodgett provides the strongest warranty in the business with a standard five-year door warranty.  Blodgett deck ovens are all-purpose baking and roasting ovens. Ultra-Rokite stone decks are also available, making these some of the finest pizza deck ovens in the industry.

Types of deck ovens:

    •  Uses natural convection gentle airflow for delicate bake
    •  Individually controlled sections for cooking various items at different temperatures.
    • Minimal repair cost with simple, reliable controls.
    • No electricity required for gas ovens, reducing operating costs.
    • Add-a-section designs allow you to start with one oven and add sections as your business grows.
    • Battleship construction, walls, and frames are welded in a single unit for durability, providing you with years of cost effective operation.
    • Counterbalanced doors provide ease of operation - less operator fatigue and injuries.
    • Large, full-size door for easy access to cooking chamber.
    • Large cooking area accommodates items such as large bread loafs and roasts.
    • Stainless steel exterior and aluminized steel interior.

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