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Perlick Corporation is a national leader in total package bar and beverage systems manufacturing, including custom refrigeration equipment, custom underbar equipment, beer dispensing equipment and brewery fittings. Their products optimize energy use and increase durability to help customers maximize the profitability of their beverage service operations. Their key markets include commercial, residential and brewery fittings. Perlick Corporation, founded in 1917, has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. National market leader of innovative underbar equipment, custom refrigeration equipment and beer system packages. Products include beer dispensers, bottle coolers, underbar stainless steel equipment, custom refrigeration, glass chillers and glasswashers that maximize the profitability if all beverage service operations. Customers include restaurants, casinos, hotels/motels, night clubs, stadiums, airports, convention centers, cruise lines, resorts, breweries and retail establishments worldwide.

When it comes to Perlick equipment maintenance or repair look no further than Eichenauer Services can help.  For over 65 years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional Perlick equipment repair for their customers throughout Illinois.

As well as performing repairs on Perlick equipment Eichenauer services is also a distributor of Perlick refrigeration replacement parts.

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