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Pizza Ovens

When your kitchen's pizza oven needs maintenance or repair Eichenauer Services can help.  For over 65 years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional pizza oven repair for their commercial customers throughout the

state of Illinois.

Regardless of how small or big the repair is, you can count on Eichenauer Services to get the repair done properly, professionally and promptly, as it is understood a restaurant should not have a long down time, which can cause them to lose many customers.  Eichenauer services is an authorized service agent for Vucan-Hart, Garland, Middleby, Lincoln, Bakers Pride, Blodgett and have performed work on many other brands.  As well as offering repair of pizza ovens Eichenauer Services also suggest planned maintenance for your pizza oven.  Planned maintenance will save you money and help you prevent downtime.  Also read below for steps you can also follow to help prevent downtime.

Call us today at 800-252-5892 to learn about the services we can provide for your pizza oven throughout the state of Illinois!  Also learn about other pieces of equipment we service here.

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Maintenance Tips for Specific Commercial Oven Types  

There are a lot of different types of commercial ovens, and each type has its own set of specific maintenance needs. The owners’
manual is the place to check for specific upkeep practices, but here are a few quick tips for each commercial oven category.

Combination Ovens. Combination ovens are like a regular oven, steamer and convection oven all in one unit, so they will need to be maintained like each of these individual units. The steam generator (if it has one) should be emptied daily, and the unit should be delimed monthly. The convection fan should be removed and cleaned every month, too. Some combination ovens come with a spray-down hose which makes cleaning the interior every day a little easier.

Pizza Deck Ovens. Regularly scrape ash or food debris off of the bake decks using a pizza oven brush.  At the end of the day, turn
the heat up to maximum for 30 minutes to cook any remaining food debris to ash and scrape the ash off using the brush.  Never use water or liquid to clean the bake deck in a pizza deck oven; this will cause the stone to crack.

Conveyor Ovens. Remove crumb trays below the conveyor belt every night and clean them. The draft diverters, or impinger
fingers, in the top of the commercial conveyor oven should be removed and cleaned daily, too. The conveyor belt itself should be removed and thoroughly cleaned every two to three months. Finally, do not place utensils on the belt because utensils can become jammed and damage the belt. Clean crumb pans, conveyor belt and impinger fingers weekly to clean.

Convection ovens. Be sure to remove and clean the intake fan of your commercial convection oven on a weekly basis. Check
the flue where the fan attaches, too, and clean any food debris for unobstructed airflow. Also, if the fan requires oil, this should be done on a yearly basis. This tip also applies for ranges with a convection oven base.

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