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Call us today: 800-252-5892


Beverage Equipment

When your kitchen's commercial beverage equipment needs maintenance or repair Eichenauer Services can help. 

For over 65 years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional beverage equipment repair for their commercial customers throughout the state of Illinois.

Regardless of how small or big the repair is, you can count on Eichenauer Services to get the repair done properly, professionally and promptly,

as it is understood a restaurant should not have a long down time, which can cause them to lose many customers.  Eichenauer services is an authorized service agent for Manitowoc Beverage (Manitowoc Beverage Systems, Servend, Multiplex, McCann, Flomatic), Bunn, Wilber Curtis, Cornelius, Perlick, Hoshizaki Lancer, Stoelting, Grindmaster, Cecilware, American Metalware, and have performed work on many other brands.  As well as offering repair of commercial beverage equipment Eichenauer Services also suggest planned maintenance for your unit.  Planned maintenance will save you money and help you prevent downtime.  Also due to the horrible water quality in Illinois we suggest adding a water filtration system to all beverage applications.  Commercial beverage equipment includes:

Hot Beverage Equipment

  • Coffee Brewers
  • Cappuccino Dispensers
  • Espresso Machines & Grinders
  • Hot Chocolate Dispensers
  • Hot Water Dispensers
  • Ice Tea Dispensers
  • Soup Dispensers

Cold Beverage Equipment

  • Frozen Beverage Machine
  • Soft Drink Beverage Dispenser
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Juice Dispensers

                                   .......and many more!!!

Call us today at 800-252-5892 to learn about the services we can provide for your commercial beverage equipment throughout the state of Illinois!  Also learn about other pieces of equipment we service here.

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What’s in my Water? 

Water touches many areas within food-service, including coffee and espresso brewing, fountain beverages, iced tea brewing, ice making,

steam cooking, soups, sauces and reductions, food rinsing, ware-washing, and of course, drinking water. Without quality water, all of these

can be affected.

  • Scale reduces the efficiency of equipment, increasing energy and maintenance costs

  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) create off tastes and can make soft ice

  • Chlorine can cause corrosion and create off tastes and odors

  • Turbidity and tannins can make water and ice appear dirty and cloudy

  • Cysts can cause illness

  • Having quality water at your operation helps keep customer satisfaction at its highest, and your operation running at peak efficiency.

Water Contaminates And Conditions

Water is complex, and can vary greatly from one location to another. Depending on where the water is drawn from (underground aquifers,

lakes or rivers), the runoff conditions (turbidity), the time of year (organics), the composition of your soil and rock (calcium, magnesium, silica),

even the type of disinfection your water utility uses (Chlorine or Chloramine), all determine how your water tastes and smells, and whether

your water is corrosive or likely to form scale on equipment.

Treatments For Problem Water

There are different means of treating water, and the type of treatment depends on the condition of your water, and the equipment being used. For example, if your water is hard (contains hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium), your coffee, ice and ware-washing machines and your steam and combi ovens, could have problems with scale buildup. We recommend that you have your water tested. This will help determine the best products to optimize your water for brewing, ice making, cooking and serving.

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