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Call us today: 800-252-5892


Commercial Refrigeration Repair | Delfield, Kolpak, True, Perlick

When your kitchen's commercial refrigeration needs maintenance or repair Eichenauer Services can help.  For over 65

years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional refrigeration repair for their commercial customers throughout the state of Illinois.

Regardless of how small or big the repair is, you can count on Eichenauer Services to get the repair done properly, professionally and promptly, as it is understood a restaurant should not have a long down time, which can cause them to lose many customers.  Eichenauer services is an authorized service agent for Kolpak, True, Delfield, Beverage-Air, Continental, Perlick, Hoshizaki, Stoelting, and have performed work on many other brands.  As well as offering repair of commercial refrigeration Eichenauer Services also suggest planned maintenance for your unit.  Planned maintenance will save you money and help you prevent downtime.  Also read below for steps you can also follow to help prevent downtime. Commercial refrigeration includes:

        .......and many more!!!

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips 

Aside from routine cleaning, there are some additional things you need to do every couple of months in order to assure

your commercial refrigerator is operating properly.

  • Schedule routine maintenance checks. Most commercial refrigeration manufacturers have routine maintenance programs in which you can enroll and have the unit checked out by a trained professional. The maintenance techs will be able to spot and correct potential problems before they result in costly repairs and refrigerator downtime.

  • Check the door gasket for a proper seal. In order to assure the door or drawer is properly sealing, insert a dollar bill between the gasket and door frame and close the door. The bill should give some resistance when you pull on it. If it falls to the floor or slides out easily, the door is not properly sealing, and you need to replace the gasket.

  • Check the holding temperature. In order to assure proper food safety, the holding temperature on all commercial refrigeration equipment needs to be checked several times every day. If the temperature is too low, the food can spoil. If the holding temperature is too low, it could be caused by blocked vents or a malfunction with the refrigeration system. 

  • Replacing interior lights. Having a functioning interior light will allow employees to quickly identify what they are seeking and reduce the amount of time the door is open. When replacing the lights, be sure to use the same size and wattage of the bulb already in there. Lower wattage bulbs may not illuminate properly in the cold temperature and could damage the housing.

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