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About Garland

1864, the Garland Line began in a small Foundry in Detroit, which grew to become the Michigan Stove company in 1873,

and produced over 200 varieties of stoves under the name GARLAND.

1893, the Garland Stove was unveiled at the World’s Fair. It now is on permanent display in the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

1925, Detroit Stove Works and Michigan Stove Company joined to make the Detroit-Michigan Stove Company. The Garland line is one of the only brands remaining.

1952, a distributor was established in Toronto, Ontario. The new company was one man, Russell Prowse. With faith, enthusiasm and a trunk full of catalogues, Prowse established a Garland manufacturing facility within one year.

1955, Welbilt Company purchased the Garland name and moved the US production line to Maspeth, New York. 

The Canadian production also continued to grow.

1973, the Garland Line outgrew the NY facility, and a new plant, Garland Commercial Industries, was built in Freeland Pennsylvania.

1995, Garland Group is formed.

1996, Berisford PLC acquires Webilt Company.

2000, Berisford PLC changes its name to Enodis PLC.

2008, Garland became part of Manitowoc Foodservice through the acquistion of Enodis PLC by The Manitowoc Company.

When it comes to Garland equipment maintenance or repair look no further than Eichenauer Services can help. 

For over 65 years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional Garland repair for their customers throughout Illinois.

As well as performing repairs on Garland equipment Eichenauer services is also a distributor of Garland replacement parts.  Customer service for Garland range/stove/oven parts is available 7 days a week.

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