Call us today: 800-252-5892



Call us today: 800-252-5892


Manitowoc STAR Service

Eichenauer Services is proud to represent the Manitowoc brand

as an authorized Manitowoc STAR service company. 

What does that mean?

Manitowoc STAR Certified agencies must meet a standard level

of inventory on the most crucial parts for all of your equipment.

In the rare case an obscure part isn't already on site, express

shipping is available. Manitowoc STAR service techs know that

you have a business to run & therefore they make it their priority

to get you up & running faster than you may have previously


By displaying the Manitowoc STAR logo, it shows we have passed

a rigorous test certifying our standards & training; and we are

audited yearly to ensure we stay that way. In addition, we are

required to average a level of over $300,000 in OEM parts on site.

(Remember, while other parts may carry their own warranty, OEM

parts are the only real way to preserve the warranty of the equipment

itself.)  The Manitowoc brands are:

Food Preparation Equipment

Primary Cooking Equipment

Refrigeration & Ice Machines

Serving Equipment

Storage & Handling Equipment

Furnishings, Decor & Custom Fabrication


Beverage & Dispensing

Call us today at 800-252-5892 to learn about the services we can provide for your Manitowoc cooking, refrigeration, holding, preparation, beverage, and sanitation equipment throughout the state of Illinois!  Also learn about other pieces of equipment we service here and manufactures we represent.

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