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Below is a detailed list of current Southbend oven models.  All of the below links will take you to the Southbend website with details specifications of each unit.  If you are in need of repair, want to purchase a new unit, or need replacement parts please contact us at 800-252-5892 and one of our experience customer service representatives will help.  We can help with repair and new units throughout Illinois and provide replacement part distribution nationwide.

Sectional Equipment

Fryer & Pasta Cooker

Southbend Sectional Equipment 
Southbend sectional batteries are designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume restaurants, hotel kitchens, and institutional kitchens.  Heavy duty ranges, griddles, charbroilers, stock pot ranges, fryers, and broilers can be combined for a 100% custom line-up to fit the needs of any high-volume operation.

Southbend's exclusive Battery Assistance Program simplifies installation by providing shop drawings, identification sheets, and more.                     

Southbend Restaurant Ranges                                                  
Southbend Ranges are engineered to Perform and Built to Last. We have a reputation for consistency and durability, even in the busiest of kitchens.

The Ultimate Range is made in the USA of all Stainless Steel Construction and is available in four sizes and over 1200 configurations. Higher BTU's and High Efficiency Snap Action Thermostat make it easy to handle any specific cooking and baking needs.


  • S-Series Range
  • Electric Range
  • The Ultimate Range

Southbend Convection Ovens         

TruVection Convection Oven

  • The newest addition to our line of convection ovens. The TruVection is available as a single deck counter unit, a triple stack, and can be fitted with Platinum 36" modular tops.

Marathoner Gold Convection Oven

  • 90,000 BTUs per deck. Available in several configurations for any kitchen, including half-size and bakery depth ovens. Features include stainless steel front, sides, tops, legs, and rear jacket.

SilverStar Convection Oven

  • Convection oven with 74,000 BTUs per deck, stainless steel front and sides, and interior light

Bronze Convection Oven

  • Entry level convection oven with 54,000 BTUs per deck, stainless steel front, and window in door.

Gold Steam

  • Stacks a Southbend Counter Steamer on a Marathoner Gold convection oven, providing maximum cooking in a small footprint.

Correctional Packages

  • Southbend has a full line of cooking equipment designed to meet the special needs of correctional institutions.

Energy Star Qualified

  • Standard size Marthoner Gold, Bronze, and SilverStar are all Engery Star Qualified!

Southbend Broilers 

Infra-Red Broilers

  • Southbend Magic Ray Infra-Red Broilers combine speed, efficiency and output in a broiler that just won't quit.  Intense infra-red energy quickly penetrates meat, locking in natural juices and reducing broiling time as much as 50%. Broil in half the time with 1/3 less gas for fuel savings up to 66% over ordinary broilers.  The unit features 1,650˚F infrared tile temperature which preheats in 90 seconds! No matter how heavy the load or how many loads are broiled, it continues to broil at peak efficiency.

Radiant Broilers

  • This high-efficiency unit is rated at 55,000 BTU per burner for a total of 110,000 BTU in the broiler. This unit is available with cabinet, standard range oven, or convection oven base.

Southbend Heavy Duty Counterline 
The Southbend Heavy-Duty Counterline products are designed for medium to heavy-duty applications.  Our counterline offers unsurpassed performance, combining proven control systems with Southbend quality and durability.

Models and Specifications:

  • Griddles
  • Charbroiler
  • Open Tops
  • Equipment Stands

Southbend Steamers 

Cooking with steam is extremely versatile and has many advantages over other cooking methods:

  • Steam cooks about 30% faster than other methods
  • Steam prevents foods from drying out
  • Steam is very gentle heat - does not burn or scorch food
  • Steam allows very even heat penetration

Counter Steamers

  • Pressureless counter steamers hold 3 to 5 steam table pans and are perfect for low to medium volume cooking.

Compartment Steamers

  • Pressureless compartment steamers include a boiler base and can be used in combination with a kettle for additional flexibility.

Steam Kettles

  • Steam kettles replace traditional stock pot cooking - kettles are more efficient and heat faster.

Braising Pans

  • Perhaps the most versatile equipment available - braising pans roast, fry, braise, boil, simmer, thaw, sauté, grill, warm, steam, proof, hold, and serve practically any menu item.

Gold Steam

  • Combine a counter steamer with the Marathoner Gold convection oven for maximum use kitchen space.

Southbend Fryers 


  • Welded, mild steel tank with an extra smooth peened finish ensures easy cleaning. Blower free atmospheric burner system with millivolt thermostat and thermo-safety pilot. Cabinet front, sides and door are constructed of stainless steel. The Solstice burner and baffle design increases cooking production, lowers flue temperature and improves working environment

Sectional Fryers

  • Sectional match fryers are available in 45 lb. and 65 lb. capacity models and battery with a drain cabinet or filter cabinet. A stainless steel pot is standard, and the tube-type pot allows more efficient heat distribution. Wide spacing between tubes permits easy access for cleaning.

Portable Filter System

  • Filter pan and pump assembly enclosure are constructed of polished stainless steel. All other surfaces are nickel plated finish. Welded steel frame mounted on four ball-bearing swivel casters for easy movement. 1/3 HP heavy duty motor and pump assembly. 5 foot (1.5 meter) flexible, sanitary, high temperature return hose equipped with nozzle. Return hose nozzle is nickel plated steel with a non-heat conducting handle. Extra-large filter area for large fryer filtering. Heater to soften solid shortening for quicker filter start-up (optional).

Pasta Cookers

  • For Energy Saving High Production Pasta Cooker specify Southbend SSPG14 tube fired gas Pasta cooker with Solstice Supreme Burner Technology which provides very dependable atmospheric heat transfer and fuel saving performance without the need for complex power blowers.

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