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Hatco Equipment

Below is a list of Hatco equipment models.  All of the below links will take you to the Hatco website with details specifications of each unit.  If you are in need of repair, want to purchase a new unit, or need replacement parts please contact us at 800-252-5892 and one of our experience customer service representatives will help.  We can help with repair and new

Hatco units throughout Illinois and provide replacement part distribution nationwide.

Bain Marie Heater  
Bain Marie Heaters / Rethermalizers heat or hold food at safe temperatures between 140°F and 190°F (60°-88°C). These units mount easily to the underside of sink in a commerical kitchen. They circulate hot water continuously to avoid cool spots.

Booster Water Heater 
Hatco Electric and Gas Booster Water Heaters provides 180°F (82°C) final rinse water for all sanitizing needs in commercial kitchens. These units effectively remove food residue and provide rapid self-drying and sparkling clean dishware.

Built-In Food Warmer  
Perfect for pass-through areas, buffet lines, hors d'ouevre displays, or as a heated work shelf, the Hatco Built-In Food Warmers come in simulated Decorative Stone colors, Heated Black Ceramic Glass, and hardcoated Aluminum tops (both recessed and flush mounted options). For overhead heat applications, the Glo-Ray Heated Glass Overshelf uses a patented heated glass technology to provide a transparent overhead heat source to make it easy for customer to view the food choices.

Carving Station
Hatco Carving Stations are portable and come in freestanding, single, dual, round or rectangular models that are great for serving station on buffet lines.

Commercial Toaster  
The Hatco Pop-Up Toaster is perfect for self-serve areas and light volumn toasting applications. Hatco's Conveyor Commerical Toasters are designed for mid to high volume and constant flow toasting applications.

Decorative Lamp 
Hatco Decorative Lamps have the two-fold benefits of foodwarming and attractive presentation. Versatile enough for any location, from pick-up station to buffet lines, the range of lights are available with a selection of personalizing choices- shade styles, colors, switch locations and mounting arrangements. Hatco Luminaire Decorative Lamps light kitchen work areas, waitress pickup stations, or customer serving points, while enhancing your décor.

Drawer Warmer
Hatco Drawer Warmers are available in narrow and standard widths, built-in or freestanding, split drawered or convected models. Great for holding everything from meat to vegetables to rolls in an energy efficient manner.

Food Display Light
Let the light shine on your work surface or display areas with Glo-Rite® Display Lights and luminaire Decorative Lamps. Durable and effective, Hatco light strips are made of extruded aluminum housings with bright-annealed reflectors for maximum brightness.

Food Finisher 
Finish foods quickly with the Hatco Thermo-Finisher. Easy to use and program, it works in less than half the time of conventional methods. Perfect for finishing foods like French onion soup or nachos; toasting buns and bread. Countertop units are quick and easy for any staff member to operate, with the touch of one preprogrammed button, assuring a consistent product. Wall mount units have three bays with on-demand plate activated technology. The plate height and heat intensity is adjustable.

Fry Station 
Hatco Glo-Ray® Fry Stations can be placed where they are most needed next to a fryer! Glo-Ray heat technology offers the ability to keep fried foods at optimum temperatures, ready to serve, without cooking or drying them out.

Heated Display Case / Cabinet 
Hatco Heated Display Cases and Cabinets are designed for "show and sell" area in any foodservice operation, perfect for hot food merchandising. This allows for food to be prepared in advance of peak serving periods, placing product in full-view to increase impulse sales.

Heated Shelf  
Hatco Built-In and Portable Heated Shelves are unique and will safely hold food hot while blending in with your décor. These units are perfect for buffet lines, hors d'ouevre displays, pass-through areas, or as a heated work shelf, and come in simulated Decorative Stone colors, Heated Black Ceramic Glass, and hardcoated Aluminum tops (both recessed and flush mounted options).

Heated Well  
Hatco Modular/Ganged Heated Wells are full-size units that are grouped together in a modular fashion to provide customers with a complete steam table contained with in one piece of equipment. Hatco also carries a full line of top- and bottom-mounted rectangular with and without insulation or round Heated Wells that have larger drains with flat screens for easy cleaning. The heavier stainless steel construction on all units lends lasting durability.

Holding Cabinet  
Prepare food in advance of peak serving periods using Flav-R-Savor® Holding Cabinets. You can choose from humidified, non-humidified, portable, stationery, or models with and without doors. Any cabinet will effectively and safely hold hot food at optimum serving temperatures.

Hot Food Merchandiser  
Hatco's convenient Hot Food Merchandisers create impulse sales by placing fresh food product in front of customers. These flexible warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to hold food samples, hors d'oeuvres, prepared and packaged food product.

Hot Water Dispenser  
The Hatco Atmospheric Hot Water Dispenser delivers pre-measured quantities of hot water for food preparation or cleaning. The compact, durable design uses minimal counter space, while providing up to 8 gallons of continuous hot water.

Nacho Chip Warmer 
Keep your nacho chips hot, fresh, and crisp with Hatco's Macho Nacho Chip Warmer. This highly visible heated merchandiser circulates air to prevent the loss of natural oils, eliminating the need to frequently replace stale chips.

Pizza Warmer  
Hatco's Pizza Warmers generate impulse sales in self-serve and quick-serve areas; and can hold ready-to-go boxed or bagged pizzas for carryout customers.

Portable Food Warmer  
Hatco Portable Food Warmers are unique and will safely hold food hot while blending in with your décor. These units are perfect for buffet lines, hors d'ouevre displays, pass-through areas, as a heated work shelf, or food holding in back-of-the-house.

Refrigerated Well / Frost Top 
Hatco Refrigerated Drop-In Wells keep pre-chilled food products at safe serving temperatures. Unique top angled inside wall design allows cold air to effectively blanket your food product to keep the food optimally cold and fresh. Convenience meets style with Hatco's Frost Tops, these units are perfect for quick turn products on self-serve buffets.

Sink Heater  
Maintaining a continuous supply of sanitizing rinse water without taking up valuable space, the Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heater makes manual warewashing faster and more convenient.

Strip Heater  
Safely hold the temperature of your food product without drying out or further cooking food with Hatco's line of Strip Heaters for every foodservice application.

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