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The year was 1848. James Polk was the 11th president of the United States. Gold was discovered in California. And Gardner S. Blodgett built his first oven for a local Vermont tavern owner. Things would never be the same in California ... or the foodservice industry.

Today, the Blodgett is the leading manufacturer of commercial ovens in the world. Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name. In fact, our ovens have been in demand overseas since the late 1800s - long before global markets and international trade became the focus of our modern world.

Despite widespread success (or maybe because of it) Blodgett has never strayed from its original goal. Or its roots, Blodgett is located in Burlington, Vermont - just 1-1/2 miles from where the company founder and namesake forged a cooking revolution in cast iron over 150 years ago. And while the times and foodservice needs have changed since then, our commitment to building the best remains the same.  Blodgett specializes in convection ovens, combi ovens, rack ovens, deck ovens, and hydrovection ovens.  Learn about all of their equipment models by clicking here.

When it comes to Blodgett equipment maintenance or repair look no further than Eichenauer Services can help.  For over 65 years they have been offering affordable, courteous and professional Blodgett equipment repair for their customers throughout Illinois.  As well as performing repairs on Blodgett equipment Eichenauer services is also a distributor of Blodgett replacement parts.  We carry a large amount of Blodgett parts in our distribution warehouse.  Eichenauer Services also works on a variety of other restaurant equipment for almost every major restaurant equipment manufacturer in the industry.

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